December 31, 2009

Earl Grey Sponge Cake & Burnt Honey Cake

Tomorrow is new year's eve as well as my grandma's birthday. I was out of egg today and wasn't able to go get more until this afternoon so I couldn't start making cake til around 5. Since I have yet to succeed on making the Japanese style honey cake I thought I would give it another try. For some reasons I had a hard time looking for the recipe on the Taiwanese blogs, and the few I found all required SP (cake emulsifier). I don't really know what SP is, and have never seen it sold in the stores here. So in the end I settled for a Honey Sponge cake recipe that actually calls for bread flour! So curious I gotta try it.

Lemon Tart from Tartine

December 30, 2009

Yorkshire Pudding

I pulled a muscle in my left leg, and it really hurts. I don't remember when I pulled it, or how I pulled it. My leg did start to feel weird last night after watching a movie but certainly not pain like now. However it doesn't prevent my inner-chef to spend the whole morning in the kitchen. I started with making the dough for Tartine's lemon tart. Then I remember I still have some old bread yeast doughs in the fridge so I proceeded to make more horn breads that my grandma likes. Before I knew it, it was time for lunch again. Few nights ago while browsing through Carol's blog, I saw her recipe for Yorkshire puddings (or popovers). I have never had it before so I decided to try that for lunch.

A new beginning

Day 1 of my 100000th attempt at blogging. I was never any good at keeping a blog mainly because I never know what to say. Most things I have in my head are way too private to be display for the public. Also, while my thoughts are relatively organized in my head, they somehow become disorderly when I try to put them in sentences. I always admire people who can write great, captivating blogs that keep me going back to read. Despite my countless failed attempts in the past at keeping a blog, I decided that I will give it another try.

I am passionate about two things in life at this moment: baking and football (European football/soccer to be precise). I am an avid food blog readers, in fact, as an unemployed recent-grad, all I do is read food blogs. In the past months I have read and reproduced countless recipes from both Taiwanese and English blogs on the web. However, the biggest reason for my decision to start blogging has to be the inspiring movie I saw yesterday with my grandma: Julie and Julia. It's amazing how the world has become so digital, so I long for the day that I will make many blogger-friends!

So, I beg you readers (as of now-- zero) please bear with me as I search for my writing muse and share with you my culinary adventures.