December 30, 2009

A new beginning

Day 1 of my 100000th attempt at blogging. I was never any good at keeping a blog mainly because I never know what to say. Most things I have in my head are way too private to be display for the public. Also, while my thoughts are relatively organized in my head, they somehow become disorderly when I try to put them in sentences. I always admire people who can write great, captivating blogs that keep me going back to read. Despite my countless failed attempts in the past at keeping a blog, I decided that I will give it another try.

I am passionate about two things in life at this moment: baking and football (European football/soccer to be precise). I am an avid food blog readers, in fact, as an unemployed recent-grad, all I do is read food blogs. In the past months I have read and reproduced countless recipes from both Taiwanese and English blogs on the web. However, the biggest reason for my decision to start blogging has to be the inspiring movie I saw yesterday with my grandma: Julie and Julia. It's amazing how the world has become so digital, so I long for the day that I will make many blogger-friends!

So, I beg you readers (as of now-- zero) please bear with me as I search for my writing muse and share with you my culinary adventures.


  1. You might like this blog:

    I don't see much recipe sources, but the pics can give you ideas for making cute food!

  2. i just saw julie and julia a few days ago! i have to admit that i thought julie was totally nuts for going french. i love food blogs, and look forward to following yours :)