April 10, 2010

Pain de Mie ( Pumpkin )

My baking seemed to take another halt this week and I was was worried that Stand-mixer Xavi needed its weekly tune-up. The Saleswoman at Macy's had warned me that many people purchase stand-mixers for decoration purpose, but these mixers are like cars and require periodic use. I didn't have any particular recipe in my "project" folder to try out at the moment, so I resorted to the fail-proof pain de mie and saved my dad another trip to the bakery.

I've been somewhat dissatisfied with the photos on my blog. Even though I don't have a great camera, I still felt that I needed to up my photographing skill a little. Most of my photos were taken under artificial light, and bad artificial light at that. Today I decided to take advantage of the beautiful Spring sunlight, and staged my bread with a semi-pro pretense for a change!

I don't have time to translate the recipe yet, but here's the Chinese version from the trusted Carol blog!

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  1. Hey Debbie! Your blog is so cute~ it really reminds me of Julie/Julia. I just finished reading the book! I didn't know you can cook and bake so well~ and I didn't know you were a vegetarian. When did you become vegetarian? Happy cooking~