August 4, 2010

Spread your wings

Palmiers, butterfly cookies, or whatever you may call these little overbaked puff-pastry goodies, you have to admit it's difficult to start once you begin eating them. I used to buy them in two big boxes from Costco before I started baking. I couldn't believe they were so easy to make...I meant, with their fancy name and not-so-cheap price tag, you would think they requires quite of bit of culinary skill. Not at all. They are basically the simple puff pastry dough baked until dry and golden.

Palmiers Recipe

1. roll out a puff pastry dough (I used the left over croissant dough)
2. sprinkle with sugar.
3. roll up from the two opposite ends, and cut into 1/4'' thickness.
4. brush each cookie with egg wash and sprinkle a bit more sugar.
5. bake at 180c/355F for 20 minutes.
6. store them in air tight bags.

They tasted just like the store bought one, and were equally difficult to stop. I didn't have that much left over dough left, so I made about 10 cookies. They were down to 2 before dinner, and the two that survived was only because my mom called them first and said she was going to have them for breakfast the next morning. I love to replicate store products, and this was perhaps the easiest yet. Even more wonderful is the fact that my pastry dough was made with much less butter than store bought pastry dough, so these cookies had to be healthier as well!

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